Room Plan meeting 12/02/13

Having all had a group meeting we have come up with a plan of what kind of work is going to go in each of the three rooms. The last room collectively we thought we would utilize the high ceiling and create a hanging instillation piece. With the theme being centered around bottle/plant labels and use the process of enameling on steel to create the pieces. With Samantha, Jenny and Jess focusing on this and managing all the in's and out's of the installation. The middle room having been given approximately 6 cabinets to place work in, we loosely have come up with the idea to make individual pieces of work that complaint the space, they are subtle and blend into the surroundings rather than being brash and bold. With myself, Tony, Danielle Siobhan  and Carla creating the work. Then within the first room we have decided to approach the first year painters to create pieces to work within the space. Fingers crossed we have all made the right decision in letting the first years incorporate there work.    

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