Day 1 constructing exhibition 02/05/13

First day of constructing our exhibition. We had a full day of piecing together all our work and it was a greater challenge to what i had imagined. Putting the work into the cabinets, took the most of 5 hours to look aesthetically pleasing and to a high standard. So with everything, flowing and placed in the correct position, myself and Samantha started taking designated objects from the apothecary (bottles, boxes etc) to also set on the shelves to compliment the work. When we finally got everything to fit it was well worth it as the final look of the entire middle room came into place and looked really well. The installation as well being a big task especially as Cath our tutor was basically one of three who were only allowed up on the scaffolding. So with her the only one being able to attach the labels to the rack on the ceiling the rest of the group helped as much as they could with cutting the fishing wire to differing lengths, attaching them to the labels and from the ground help give directions to Cath of where to attach them. As a team they worked incredibly well. Other tasks that were carried  out today included blacking out the windows with sheets of paper, so we can get the full effects of the spot lighting to cast shadows on the walls from the installation. As well as myself and Samantha getting our pictures taken by a photographer for the Carmarthen journal to promote the exhibition and the Medicines in May event. All in all at the the end of day 1 everything has gone very smoothly and it's back to work tomorrow for the final push. 

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