Invitation 24/04/13

Myself, Jess, Danielle and Samantha came together and decided we needed to get the invitations together and set to work on writing the text. We took inspiration from other invites we had gathered from other exhibitions and made it simple and to the point and just put in key information being the date,place,time and that we were holding workshops. Thankfully Samantha knows a welsh speaker who kindly converted our English text to welsh so we could have both languages on the invite. We then obtained the tags that we had made to date and i had my camera to take some photographs to use for the back cover of the invitation. We then sent the text and photographs to Cath our tutor who very kindly put the invitation together and printed it off. Myself and Jenny then on the 26/04/13 went around the galleries in town and handed out leaflets and invitations to promote the exhibition.

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