Day 2 constructing exhibition 03/05/13

Today was merely a day of tidying and finishing off last minute tasks. This consisted of fixing the spot lights to the walls and positioning them correctly to get the maximum shadow being cast on the walls. I then took one of the ladders and was able to cut all the excess thread off to make the installation look more polished. Some of the other girls went around the Gardens and put out posters to promote the opening. Then within the cabinets we placed name tags and the titles of the works beside the pieces, also a list of names of all the people that were involved in the 1st year print work. Ad all the people involved in submitting a label toward the installation. When this was all completed we all pitched in, to help take the scaffolding down and to load it into the trailer. Also we cleared out all the tools and equipment to then hoover all the excess bits of thread. And what do you know we were finished everything. To be honest it was hard work and stressful at times but very much worth it all to see it at the end of today with a weight being lifted off our shoulders. It has all been a major learning curve but tomorrow is definitely going to be a fun and exciting experience, here's hoping the weather holds out for us.

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