Decals day 2 26/04/13

Yesterday I was approached by my tutor Cath who asked me whether i wanted to help put decals on old medicinal objects to be put towards our exhibition. I happily took the task on as yesterday was so interesting and i wanted to find out more about decals and how they worked. To have more work that i helped to create being put on display was an added bonus. You would think that being given the task of cutting around lots of pictures of plants fro approximately an hour or two, would be boring. But oddly i found it quite therapeutic. When that was done i thought the easy part was to come. As yesterday was pretty much a doddle putting the decals onto the flat enameled labels but how wrong i was. With all the objects being curved it was a far harder task pushing o all he air bubbles before being fired in the kiln. Though with patience even after the decals ripping in half and not sticking properly, a few hours later we got all the objects covered to a really high standard. They turned out a lot better than we had hoped. Another thing ticked off the list. Only 8 days to go.  

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