Mock up installation 11/03/13

Today we as a class collectively created a mock up of what our installation piece may look like, for our first room of our exhibition at the Botanics. We cut approximately 200 shaped tags out of paper, tied them to individual pieces of thread, attached them to wooden blanks and suspended them form the ceiling.
 For the finished outcome we are hoping for the tags to be made from a mixture of steel and copper. We also want the tags to have unique and individual hand-drawn images that will be fixed to the metals through the process of enabling. The images on the tags are all going to be centered around medicinal medicine. The overall look of the installation will come together with the use of directed lighting that will provide an atmospheric feel to the room.
All and all, we have the main components figured out, but we all just have to make the physical artwork which we will be starting on the 18th March.

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