Meeting 23/04/13

Joe and Liz called another meeting, to discuss important decisions that needed to be made made regarding mostly the workshops and the itinerary for the exhibition opening. Sadly again a lot of the group was missing, so myself, Jess, Danielle and Samantha had to make a lot of executive decisions. We decided on the refreshments and snacks to get and to hopefully get £6 from everyone to fund this. Though the main decisions we made were on what we were gonna do within the workshops. For the bookmaking we decided     that we would keep it simple and make pamphlet stitch books and have various stencils, stickers and text to be able to decorate them. Then with the collaborative drawing workshop we would supply herbs for the public to crush using a pestle and mortar,have old bottles to draw from and lots of photocopies of botanical illustrations, first hand photography of plants and lots more. In addition we decided we want materials we wanted to have supplied for the drawing, being charcoal, graphite sticks and earth coloured conte crayons. This meeting surprisingly went on for about 4 hours, but with what we got covered it was well worth it.

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