Day 2 of enameling 20/03/13

Day two of enameling. We carried out the exact same process as we did yesterday. But in this post i want to focus on the other happening of the day. I called for a group meeting on the subject of the work thats going into the middle room (apothecary) as I jumped at the chance of the fact everyone was in uni at the same time, and it was definitely worth while. We finally got a chance to all voice our opinions on what we wanted the feel of the room to be. We helped each other push forward and refine the actual work we were all going to produce, as all of us were unsure on whether the rest of the group would approve of others individual ideas and concepts. This is exactly what we needed to get us all back on track and to give people a sense of direction and that wen we work together we will get the job done. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have many more meetings like this to make sure we get to the finished outcomes in time.

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