First visit to the Botanics 29/01/13

As a class we visited the Botanics today to get a feel of what the Medicines in May event is all about. We wanted to gather information and take inspiration from our surroundings to help us make our pieces for the exhibition. Most importantly we got to see for the first time where our work will be placed for the public to see. And this was not to disappoint. We having been very kindly given three separate spaces that all flow into each other under one roof. The first room being an information exhibit with a video screen, text on the walls and and cabinets that are filled with medicinal objects. The second room being a mock up of an old apothecary. It is such a beautiful space filled with amazing history. Then the last room basically working as a blank canvas. Its function being a teaching/training room. After this we also had the privilege of being shown the library catalogue of old and new books all centered around botanical matter. What interested me the most was an official acopercaries record book all all the names of people of obtained remedies off him and what exactly that remedy and all the ingrediants that went into it. So having seen the space and taken in a lot of information, it was off to the drawing board, to see what we could come up with as a collective.

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